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Trekking in Myanmar is one of the best for adventure travel and trekking. The well-known ones in Myanmar trekking are Putao trekking, trekking to Mt. Khakaborazi, trek in the Naga Land, the Chin Hills trekking , Kalaw trekking , Hsipaw trekking and Keng Tung Trekking ( hill tribe ).

Myanmar being composed of diverse national ethnic tribes residing in various ranges of mountainous areas, one can not only enjoy the natural beauty of its picturesque landscape but also explore the civilizations and cultures of its numerous ethnic groups at the same time.

Various landscapes and interesting ethnic encounters guarantee an experience of a lifetime where ever you choose to do your trekking journey. As Myanmar generally enjoys a tropical climate season, the best time for trekking and hiking is from October to April.

We have listed our favorite Myanmar adventure destinations with essential travel information to make it easier for you to choose where to go and what to do.

Chin Village Trekking ( Mt. Victoria trekking and hiking in the Chin village )

Trekking in Mt.Victoria is famous for it’s nature beauty and culture value of chin People. Around Mt. Victoria, there are 4 different Chin tribes who live on the mountains with their own culture and ethical customs. Most of the Chin people are animists and still believe and rely on their shamans. Their private worship even and festivals for their nats or spirits are the highlight of Chin trekking tour. It will be between 10’ C to – 4 ‘C in tourism season. Of the small towns in Chin State, Kanpalet and Mindut, where international traveler are visited for picturesque beautiful scenery and fine weather, are the main gate ways for Chin trekking and expedition trips.

Hsipaw Trekking ( Trekking the surrounding of Shan village and Pao-O village.)

Trekking in Hsipaw, it is a small town with relaxed pace of life situated 200 kilometers North East from Mandalay. Hsipaw and the surrounding areas are mainly inhabited by Shan, Palaung, Pao-O ethnic minorities. A few kilometers South of Hsipaw you can find a picturesque waterfall which is a great half day destination for a cooling swim. The best time to go for treks is from November to end of March. 

During this season the night time temperatures in the higher altitudes (above 1000m) might be as low as 10 degree Celsius but days are still comfortably warm and around 20-25 degree. During Hot season (March-mid-May) the temperatures rise towards the rainy season but evenings are still pleasantly cool and daytime temperatures stay around 30 degree Celsius. During rainy season (May-October) some showers can be expected every day with occasional heavy rainfall especially in late June through July. After the rainy season the surrounding nature is at its best booming with new life with lush and green scenery.

Keng Tung Trekking ( Diverse ethnic tribe in Golden Triangle )

Trekking in Keng Tung , this is isolated from the rest of Myanmar in the heart of the infamous Golden Triangle in the far east of Shan State. This destination is allowed for only day return short trekking and walking tours. You can see the diverse ethnic of the hill tribe such as Lahu, Akha , La Mone and Shan.

All of tribe are different colorful dresses give this place a special charm. These tribes are still living in their traditional way and animist. You can make short trekking to visit different colorful hill tribe villages.