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COVID-19 Information For Travelers To Myanmar
This page is to inform domestic and international travelers about the current travel situation in Myanmar with actual information and useful links to relevant information.While Myanmar is opening for domestic travel, incoming international travelers are not allowed until December 31. Extension of all above rules to December 31, 2020 Announcement on Extension of the Precautionary […]
Myanmar is famous for having more than 130 tribes of very distinct cultures and traditions. The existence of these tribes only adds to a vibrant and enthusiastic Myanmar experience for the traveller to Asia. Customs and everyday living bring forth scenes and wonders that is truly awe-inspiring. One such place and people are the Pa’O […]
Begin run from Myitkyina to Mandalay with Air bag train on 2 Mar 2020
If you want to visit to Myitkyina, now you can take a ride by Express aircon train. This train schedule starts opening on 2 March 2020. They are arranged the one time for a day. To 31st is departed from Mandalay at 1pm and arrival time to Myitkyina at 7am. Return by 32rd train depart from Myitkiyina at 1Pm and arrival time to Mandalay at […]
5 hidden gems of Bagan
Though there are more than 2000 pagodas in Bagan, most people go only about 20 places which are popular and readily on the road of tour packages. But there are still many more wonderful places which are not popularized. Here are 5 breathtaking places of Bagan which you may not have heard of. 1-Stone cave […]
10 Reasons To Visit Myanmar Now
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Shwedagon: A Pagoda Like No Other
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